5 Things You Should Know About Social Security

When you think about Social Security, what comes to mind? Do you worry if it will still be around for you when you retire? Do you wonder how much you can expect to receive each month? Are you aware of when you can start taking your benefit, or what you can do to maximize it?

If you feel confused or unsure about Social Security, you’re not alone. According to Nationwide Retirement Institute’s “2022 Annual Consumer Survey on Social Security”:

  • Less than 40% of people know what their full retirement age is
  • 40% aren’t sure how much their monthly Social Security benefit will be
  • Workers within 10 years of retirement overestimate their monthly retirement benefit by almost 30%.

Watch this informative webinar featuring Grace Bumpus, CFP® from Putnam Investments, as she covers key risks in retirement and how to understand Social Security as part of an effective retirement income plan.

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